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How to get a Train Coach Position

Getting a train coach position is very easy as you just need to check with the Indian Railways reservation chart. The train coach position is only checked after the reservation chart has been prepared.

 Train, coach positions are placed on the final reservation chart for the train when ready. The reservation charts are always out two to three hours prior to the train departure time. Getting the actual coach status you need to use the ticket PNR number in the box provided above on the website then click and hit Get Couch Position. 

You will have full detail about your train ticket as well as departure time from the source. There is a column on the right of the web page that says your coach position and don’t forget that the coach position numbers are all in numerical numbers. For instance, if your coach position is number 17th it means the 17th coach from the engine is where your seat is.

The ticket PNR number is not traceable on the train position if it is among those in the waiting list even after the training chart has been prepared.


Mandovi Express

Udyan Express

Gujrat Express

Amritsar Express

Aravali Express

August Kranti Rajdhani Express

Bhavnagar Express

Bhopal Express

Chennai Mail 

Charminar Express

Deccan Queen

Duranto Express

Dehradun Express

Ernad Express

Goa Express

Guruvayur Express

Intercity Express

Indrayani Express

Jan Shatabdi Express

Jhelum Express

Konark Express

Kerala Express

Kaveri Express

Lok Shakti Express

Netravati Express

Malabar Express

Matsyagandha Express

Nellai  Express

Nilgiri Express

Punjab Mail

Poorva Express

Rockfort Express

Rajya Rani Express

Ranakpur Express

Swaraj Express

Saurashtra Mail

Swaraj Express

Vaigai Express

Shatabdi Express

9 thoughts on “Coach Position

  1. Nayana

    Today my train aravali express 

    Borivali to Anand 

    My coach is S4 

    Please give me coach position at borivali

  2. Pramod

    thanks, S9 status has saved my day and because your data was the most accurate from all the sites i've searched for, I was able to get to my train on time.

  3. Kamil

    PNR no:4543649903, train no04425,DOJ:03/05. Every time it is showing perfect. I think you people are great! thanks for your site


  4. Narendra Goswami

    My Coach & Seat No S-3 15 & 16 kindly inform the coach position

  5. Amit singh

    Train no 12910 and my seat no is j2/ 51,52 and 53 please provide me the coach status ( where s my coach towards mobile no. 8097307578 Thanx


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