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How to get your PNR status

Checking your PNR status does not have to be hard. This site offers the best ways of checking your Passenger Reservation Enquiry with the Indian train tickets. We also offer help regarding any Indian Railway question to our users.

Did you know that the first Indian Railway train run in the western coastal districts of Maharashtra that is Mumbai to Thane started operation in 1853? Present day Indian trains have formed a fundamental base for the gradual development of Indian Technology. It is through railways that thousands of people, as well as daily express, can move around India each day.

The Indian railways are one of the well-planned train systems in the world. The trains have been categorized by their speed as well as some halts on their railway route.

Here is a list of the railways train types that you can enjoy;

The Metro Trains

Metro train lacks the latest technology as well as facilities equipment. If you travel through the cities of Delhi or even Kolkata, then you have come across the metro trains. They are the only trains always in demand. Hence, the government has been planning their expansion to other Indian metro cities. With this train, you do not have to check the PNR number as they never generate any unique number hence you cannot reserve rail ticket. The best thing about Metro train is they run on schedule time and moderate in speed, hence good for the ordinary people.

The suburban local is trains

You can only use this train in a few big cities such as Chennai, Kolkata as well as Mumbai. This train to seat reservation is not possible. Hence you cannot access the PNR ticket status. Suburban locals are divided in fast local’s trains and slow locals train. The fast locals will only hart one in the central station that are important, whereas the slow locals hart in each and every station. 

The passenger is trains

This train too lacks the unique PNR number generation on the tickets hence reserved tickets are not available. The passengers divided into fast and slow passenger trains. You will find these trains in small distances across important cities. If you use the slow passenger trains then you can enjoy a stop at each and every station along its route which the fast passenger trains do not.

The Express trains and Super-fast Express

If you are looking for faster trains, then express, and the super-fast express train will be your choice. The trains offer an easy way to book and reserve a ticket. They also run across cities that are long distance. While you reserve a ticket, the train booking system generates a unique ten digit number on each and every ticket that identifies the traveler using the PNR.

You can use our PNR website to check the PNR status for all non-reserved train ticket available for reservations.

Express trains- Shatabdi and Janshatabdi

These trains connect principal stations with moderate distances hence high-speed trains. They lack the sleeper coaches hence contains just seats. If you board a Janshatabdi train, then you can enjoy either the AC or Non AC coaches but the Shatabdi trains have a full air conditioner. With the trains, you can reserve tickets hence check PNR status using our website. 

Other Indian railway trains that offer reservation using the PNR numbers are the Garib Rath trains that provide full fitted AC coaches at a relative low ticket price. The Rajdhani Express, which is full air, conditioned connecting major cities in India. The trains run on scheduled time hence high priority among passengers. You can reserve a seat for the train websites. Lastly is the Duranto Express, which is the recent trains launched by the Indian Railways, They run from source to destination hence do not stop at any station along their route.

What is PNR Status?

PNR is simply the Passenger Name Record that offers a system number to reserve a ticket in the Indian Railway Reservation System. The PNR number is a unique ten digit number that shows on your tickets. Using a Computer Reservation System the PNR number is generated automatically.  The number works on an indexing number in the database which still stores relevant information about the passenger reservation status that is automatically updated with the cancellation of the ticket if unreserved.  

Finding the PNR number on the train ticket

The number is always printed at the top left corner of the tickets that are offered at the railway station booking window. If you are using E-ticket, the PNR number is mentioned at the upper part in a separate cell on the ticket. You can always check your ticket reservation status through SMS, making a call or even checking online using trains PNR website or even Indian Railways website.

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